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Friday, 15 November 2013

Invest: buy Steam Coal spec 5500-5300 kal

Title: buy Steam Coal spec 5500-5300 kal

Catagory: Buyer

STEAM COAL 5500-5300
Price FOB USD per MT NET
Quantity 300,000 x 12
Payment Non- transferable LC FOB MV


Buyer send the ICPO with full banking details for soft probe.
Specifications included in the ICPO also.
To Attention to Seller mandate

Seller send the FCO
Buyer sign the FCO and send back to seller. Once seller has done the Soft
probe then we could go straight to the draft contract.
Seller issue draft contract to buyer. Buyer review, make changes and send
back to seller.
Seller review the contract if acceptable then send the hard copy to buyer.
After 5 working days Buyer open the lc non-transferable
Seller give 2%PBG which will make the LC operative
Shipment will start as agreed in the contract.

MFPA has to be ratified by the bank or Public officer. This is for our
security for all of us.

Contak Person: 0813 8815 5457

Phone: 74707686

Address: Jl Serua no 20 Bojongsari sawangan Depok

Email : joko_kcs@yahoo.com

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