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Friday, 5 August 2011

Investor: Kerja sama/bagi hasil

Title: Kerja sama/bagi hasil

Catagory: Investor

Description: Dear Sir
I am a businessman pure drinking water for health with the best quality in Medan, North Sumatra.
This health product of drinking water that has been made in the form of packaging gallons (19.5) liters and cups / glasses (220ml) with Ph Neutral AnOrganic <2ppm , none bacteri and high Oxigen because standard engine produced by the WQA, NSF, FDA.
we manage a very lucrative market is now working with human resources that used to not having a regular job and now they have worked well and has had earnings from the sale of healthy drinking water.
Currently I am in dire need of financing, especially partners and work together to increase production and create new jobs which was planned in 21 sub districts I assure you that with the available resources in the form of raw materials and locations can be built on a large scale and can be marketed locally and exported to many countries, if this can be realized very profitable and can accommodate a lot of labor and reduce poverty and unemployment.
I manage the market in Medan is currently only open a distributor in 10 sub districts.
sub district in Medan, there are 21 so there are plenty of marketing opportunities.
To this I ask the help of funding US $100,000, if permitted and please help found.
And can contact Probio28@yahoo.co.id email and in Fb Edi Putra (probio.edi@facebook.com)
tel 061-7354126 and hp 081375609879 085370693094

or could come to see directly into my factory in Medan, North Sumatera - Indonesia.
Jl.Medan Area Selatan G.Sairin No.807A Medan
we support 4 principle : Health,Ecology,Fairness and Care.
thank for you help and attention.
and sorry if it is not in place

Contact Person: Edi Putra

Phone: 085370693094

Address: Medan Area Selatan G.Sairin 807A Medan

Email : probio28@yahoo.co.id

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